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Abrebox Smart Intercom Kit for Homes and Businesses that allows wireless communication of audio, video and opening (only 2 cables are used to a light point and 2 cables to the electric lock), as well as increasing security, design and convenience of the facilities. The kit is made up of a street panel and a feeder. The street panel is IP65 resistant to water, dust and vandalism, and has a 2MP color camera + night vision LEDs, anti-theft alarm, microphone, speaker and screen 10" touch screen with call dialing to as many homes or departments as we want (according to the number of licences or plans purchased). Reception of calls from visitors on smartphones and tablets through the Abrebox app, with audio, video service and access opening in real time and from anywhere in the world.For its operation it is necessary to connect it to the Internet via WIFI, RJ45 (cable to router ) or 4G SIM card.




  • Large 10-inch touch screen.
  • IP65 weather resistant protection.
  • Internet connection by 4G SIM card, WIFI or RJ45.
  • Door opening by means of cards, key rings, smartphones and PIN codes (soon also by temporary PIN codes).
  • Includes 1 relay for opening a door (you can add 4 additional relays through the deviceRelay 4+for only €199.00).
  • Includes metal box for flush or surface mounting (you can add an additional protection visor for only €60.00).
  • Includes 220VAC-12VDC 5A power supply.
  • Includes anti-theft alarm.
  • Configurable interface: individual call buttons or numeric keypad (number + bell) with contacts directory.
  • Possibility of adding a call button to reception/concierge in person or remotely.


Monthly services that can be added to each kit:


  • Connect function: 4G SIM card with Movistar coverage to provide Internet service. Price: 12.10 €/ month/ kit.
  • Global Protect function: Register of automatic photographs of all visitors and history of openings made by each home to have total control of the property during the last 30 days in the event of any incident, theft or squatting. Price: 12.10 €/ month/ kit.
  • Assistance function: Remote access to deal with any problem with the equipment and apply software updates to always keep it up to date. Price: 12.10 €/ month/ kit.

Intercom Kit Abrebox 4G/ RJ45/ WIFI

  • Box contents

    • IP65 outdoor touch panel A10Pro. Measurements: 173 x 393 x 34 mm.
    • Embedded or surface-mounted metal box. Measurements: 155 x 382 x 32 mm.
    • Power supply 220VAC-12VDC 5A DIN-3 rail type.
    • Manual.
    • Connectors, protection diode for lock, plugs and screws.
  • Additional products that you can add to the kit

    • Metal visor for additional protection: €75.00/ u.
    • Relay 4+ (module with 4 additional relays): €199.00/ unit.
    • User licences: Individual licenses (1 smartphone/tablet linked by call code: €39.90/unit), Duo licenses (2_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_smartphones/tablets linked by call code: €59.90/unit) and Family Licenses (up to 6 smartphones/ tablets linked by call code: €79.90/unit).
    • Keyrings and NFC Cards: €10.00/ u.
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