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Enjoy the new user interface of the Abrebox app

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

The new user interface of the Abrebox Intercom app comes loaded with many new features, especially in terms of corporate image and usability, as well as new functions that will add greater value and comfort to your day-to-day life.

We present the most important changes:

1. Navigation Menu

You have 5 buttons at the bottom of the screen:

  • Access

  • Activity

  • Users

  • Settings

The "Access" button will take you to view all the doors and gates that you can open remotely with just the swipe of a finger.

In "Activity" you can view all the movements that occur in your property. This function is paid, so you can only view it if you are subscribed to a monthly or annual payment plan. However, if you are not subscribed, you will enjoy a 30-day free trial.

On the "Users" page you can see all the sub-users you have created for your unit (house or company). This feature is only active for host users (those who have purchased the multi-user or family license).

In the "Settings" tab you will see:

  • Your user data

  • Your call button

  • Accessories Store

  • available subscriptions

  • Notification Settings

  • Themes: Light or Dark

  • News

  • Help

  • Sign off

2. New Access Page

On the access page you can view separately all the doors and gates that you are authorized by your property manager to open remotely, just by sliding your finger.

3. Caller Code Identification

The call code that your visitors must dial to communicate with you and yours is added on the access page.

However, your visitors will be able to consult it in the contact directory enabled in the Abrebox call panel located at the entrance to your property. In order for you to appear in the directory, you must go to Settings < My call button < Publish.

4. Call button with block numbers

We added the Stair/Block field for those units that have this classification on their community property.

In this way, visitors will be able to search for the code to mark in a simpler and more intuitive way.

To publish your data, you just have to go to Settings < My call button < and add the photo and data that you want to appear on your street panel and click Save.

5. Notification Tones

We added the Abrebox ring option, the tone that simulates the traditional intercom, so you can identify which calls belong to your Smart Intercom without even looking at your smartphone.

6. Dark Mode

Abrebox in dark mode is an extension that helps you quickly switch your app to dark mode. You have this option available in the Settings < Theme < tab and select the Dark option.

You can also check the option "Defined by system", so that it is automatically activated/deactivated according to the general settings of your phone.

Wrap Abrebox in a stylish dark mode that protects your eyes from bright colors.

7. Solve your doubts or problems immediately

We have added a list of FAQS / frequently asked questions so that you can solve your most common doubts or problems yourself, such as:

  • How to receive call notifications on my smartphone.

  • How to activate the microphone so that they hear me when I speak.

  • Etc.

To do this, go to Settings < Help < Solve your doubts < and search for your question or problem to solve.

In case your problem is not solved, you will also have the option to contact our Support Team via WhatsApp to help you solve it.

We hope you enjoy the new Abrebox Intercom app every day as much as we do making it for you!

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