Receive each client as they deserve.

Discover Abrebox Intercom Business®, the new smart intercom for Companies based on an app that you can download on any tablet and host it at the entrance of your Business, so that your visitors can communicate directly with each worker and thus notify their arrival through a video call, without the need for cables or telephones.


Unlimited Users

You can activate the intercom service to as many workers as you want, without limit.


Virtual Concierge 24/7

Create a call button for any visitor or worker to communicate with you wherever you are.


Visits audit

Through the online management software you will have a record of all the calls and openings made in your Company, with photos, date and time.


Access opening

You can connect and authorize the opening of access to as many workers or suppliers as you want.

No wires. No indoor intercoms.
As if by magic.

Hacemos que cualquier acceso sea simple y seguro para sus propietarios, el personal, los residentes y los visitantes.

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Attend to your visitors from anywhere, without cables or telephones.

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When a visitor arrives at your company, they can notify their arrival at reception or directly to the department or worker with whom they have the appointment.

With your smartphone.

The company worker will receive a video call on their smartphone through the Abrebox app, with video, audio and opening service.

From anywhere.

It is no longer necessary for each person to be at their job. With Abrebox you can serve your visitors wherever you are.


Download the Abrebox app on a tablet and place it at reception

You can download the Abrebox Intercom App on your Android tablet and host it at the entrance of your Company, so that your visitors can communicate directly with any department or worker, or even with reception if there is no one.

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Access the Online Software to register each department or worker

Through Abrebox's online management software you will be able to customize the viewer of the main tablet or the street panel of your business, manage the registration of all the users that you want to be displayed on the panel and even record all the hours of visits and openings made.


Each user downloads the Abrebox app on their smartphone or tablet

Each user will receive by email a download link of the app indicating their access password, so that they can receive calls from visitors, create their own call button on the reception panel or even open the door if you decide to connect access to your deal.

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Give real-time support to all your clients and workers if there is no one at the reception

You can create a call button on the tablet in the hall or on the street panel to be able to attend all your visits without having to always be at the reception desk.


Each user accesses as you want

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From smartphone


NFC cards & keychains


Numeric codes


Traditional key

Vigilancia seguridad


All entrances to your business controlled 24 hours

The camera of your tablet will capture automatic photographs of all the visitors of your Company with exact date and time, as well as of the openings made by each worker if you have accesses connected to your app.

Does your call panel need to be installed outside?

For cases in which you cannot use your own tablet because you want to place it outside or because you want to provide access opening service to your users, we have available our StreetPanel Abrebox IP65 resistant to water, dust and vandalism, with a motion sensor, night vision LEDs and the possibility of connecting as many accesses as you want to be opened through the app.


What does the Abrebox Intercom Business® kit include?

Abrebox's latest projects in Spain

These are some of the Buildings, Residentials, Urbanizations or Business Centers where Abrebox has been installed. There are already more than 3,000 homes in the last year!

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